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Water Park Flooring installation: STL specialises in installing POLYSOFT, however we have come to find out that there are companies in Asia that do not install properly. In this small passage we would just like to show some images of bad workmanship and how this actually happens (see images).

  1. Binding material – there is a special binging agent from polysoft that is required. If another installer uses any other type for example the same agent as EPDM then delamination will occur.

  2. Tools. The correct mixing tools are required to ensure that all the binding agent pulls all together. If not, then some areas will lack the strength.

  3. Installation. If the thickness and joining methodology of two colors is not correct then this will also pull apart.

So if you are thinking of bringing Polysoft into your park make sure you check the above items are adhered to. If you have a company claiming they are going to install then also let us know and we can review their methodology. If they are not following to the correct methodology it only means that they are cutting costs.

At the end of the day this is not an issue with the supply of the material. The Polysoft is a fantastic product, but if companies out there do not follow the installation and want to cut costs then the problems occur. As a client you maybe thinking that you are getting a good deal, but if not done properly it will cost you twice. So be careful at all time.

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