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Design (Masterplanning/Conceptual/Detailed Design)

Our Work and expertise encompasses conceptually creating unique commercial facilities and leisure facilities such as amusement theme parks (wet/dry) and bars/restaurants. Once the concept is complete our designers will also be able to create the detailed designs that can be used for our construction team in order to execute your project.


Instead of having the client engage different contractors for the project, with our vast experience in this business, we can be engaged to project manage the project and be the turnkey contractor providing a one stop solution based on the designs produced.

Water Slides & Water Play Equipment Fabrication and Installation

From a gentle body ride where a toddler can ride on his parent's lap, to the very exciting body slides, tube slide and racer slide.


The basic water equipment are always available but customized water play items just for your projects can be created.

Water Park Flooring

Polysoft / EPDM / Stamping 

STL specialises in the installation of water park floorings. Whether its Polysoft, Textured Concrete, EPDM or Pebble. 

Finding the correct flooring solution for you project is of great importance.

STL is the official installer of Polysoft in Malaysia

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