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Themed Tipping Bucket Installed at Fantasia Aquapark, Malaysia 





Water Park Condos

Over the last couple of years there has been a dramatic increase in water park creation within condominium developments. The time has passed where it was enough just to place a pool with a pre manufactured colorful slide within the complex.

The insertion of an actual themed water park in reality sparks sales. The reason being is that young families are looking for a fun safe environment where their children will be safe as well as occupied.

The key to success actually lies in the theming of the park. It is important to create a place where all that utilize it feel taken away from the normality of life and feeling immersed in another world.

Selection of Rides:

Before selecting the rides we prefer to know the occupation on the condominium and the basic target demographics that the development is looking to appeal to. Then the next step is to look at the budget of the area so that rides selected are feasible.

In most cases we will look to put body slides, a small kids play structure, lazy river and in some cases a wave play. Of course there will always be space available for a lap pool.


We know that space is tight when creating these parks, but there is no reason for not applying a high standard of safety. Pool depths should be no higher than 1.2m for landing pools and there should at least be a 6m run out landing area. One of the other reasons why pool depth should not exceed 1.2m is due to the fact that lifeguards need to be on duty.this of course increases the operational expenses of the facility.

Rides for different age groups should be clearly separated. There is nothing more troublesome or annoying for parents when older children are pushing away the younger children. To ensure that no trampling occurs then it makes sense to have activities for each age group in a different location.


The creation of a theme is sometime the most difficult as it is something that needs to appeal to the masses. From our point of view we always suggest to look toward natural or historical back drop themes such as Tropical, African Wild or Amazonian. Within these themes, buildings can be created as well as storyline which will add more feel to the park.

One of the key reasons for this selection is that utilising a natural theme will ensure that the park will not only stand the test of time, but over time will age magnificentlytherefore giving a more natural feel.

When a theme full of vibrant colors is selected there is a risk that discoloration will occur especially in the tropical climates. This will only diminish the look of the park and within years the park would probably look run down.

The 5 Most FAQs about Water Parks

1.What is a good size for a waterpark?

Nowadays there is no set rule of thumb for size. It all depends on the primamry use of the waterpark, for instance if it is a stand alone or a private waterpark for developers. For the stand alone the size of the waterpark should be between 12000m2 and 125000m2, whereas for a developers waterpark we would suggest that the size be no less than 4000m2.

2.How much does it cost to build a water park?

The rule of thumb to building a well themed waterpark (A-Z) is estimated to be at US$ 1million / 4000m2, however there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before an actual fee can be set for each project.

Factors such as location and rides selection have a big part to play, so it is always wise to draw up an initial feasibility study which will aid in the determination of initial investment

When we look at the costing we can roughly say that 65% are civil works, (structures, external and internal circulations etc) and the remaining percentage is spent on rides allocation, games and the hydraulics.

3.What type of attractions best fit in my water park?

When designing and building a waterpark it is important to have a perfect rides selection. This ultimately means that there should be something for each age group which vary from toddlers, kids and teenagers / adults.

These rides should never be put in one location together and should be seperated per age group for safety reasons.

The toddlers genereally enjoy splash play, which is very simple. The items selected should be safe and should allow for total visibility for the on looking parents.

The kids area is a step up and allows for play structures which have climbing areas, slides and heavier water play such as large tipping buckets.

Teenagers and adults is more about the thrill of the rides so we start to look at tube slides, racer slides and if the initial investment allows larger rides such as bowls speed slide and master


4.How long does it take to build a water park?

This all depends on the size of the water park the amount of theming and the type of rides to be manufactures and installed. However generally it would be a safe bet to say that a water park could be completed with a time frame of 8 18 months.

5.What is the time period for ROI of a water park?

A successful water park will have recouped its investment over a period of 5 years, however in some cases, which are quite special there are parks that recoup total investment within 3 years. This is primarily due to the location which has large tourist population as well as local crowd and a location which allows to stay operational throughout the year.

17th August 2010

Strike Theming & Leisure Consultants Guide to: What iS Theming?

In many ways theming is a form of enhancement. Some others would call it decoration; however that would be slightly degrading the true quality of theming.

Speaking to many clients, it is at times difficult for them to grasp what we actually do.

Is it construction?

Well sort of.....let us just say it is artistic construction.

In truth there are many projects nowadays that truly require theming. The market is not what it used to be as it is ever evolving. People, clients are now looking to bring in something unique, something different to capture the attention of the market and if required making that extra sale.

Of course that is where Strike Theming & Leisure Consultants comes in with their team of specialists.

For example: There use to be a time when a company could just could just plump a slide and a few other water attractions together and call it a waterpark, which at that time was justified, however now, this is what we would just call a glorified swimming pool.

People, clients want so visit something unique (which is certainly a key word) and this is where theming takes place.

Theming is a creation of an identity, but one that serves a purpose of immersion. What we mean by immersion is that when people visit this attraction they feel as if they are in a fantasy, a different world. In truth its like an escape from the daily rigours of life.

These so called themes can come in many varieties such rustic, colonial, futuristic, fantasy or environmental, it all depends on the brief of the client and the surroundings.

Conceptual designing is critical to creating a theme. A picture can tell a thousand words and more importantly the concept image creates a feeling. These images although conceptual give an idea of the theme and in most cases the design is 80% correct in relation to the finished product.

As well as our artistic staff creating artificial rock works or sculpting life like animals to create this unique theme, there is also a percentage of work which relies on props. These are specialised items that need to be acquired and are not common. They truly make a difference to the final piece of work.


I guess this is the million dollar question. Although a good idea, it would be great to have a themepark of this stature in Malaysia, however over the years we have been aware that most of these fall by the river side, such as the idea of Disney etc.

Even if Johor do manage to pull this off, it will be difficult to make ends meet and recoup the intial investment. Universal Studios in Singapore is different as they are not basing the success on the park alone. The real money is made in the casinos, Just like genting highlands. Of course there are other aspects why it possibly would not success and this is due to the climate and the target market with its spending potential.

It would be great to see this happen, but we would honestly say that this could be a risk, but good luck to those involved.

Legoland In Johor

Monday December 15, 2008

Malaysias first international theme park set to boost tourism sector


JOHOR BARU: Some 5,000 jobs are expected to be created with the establishment of the Legoland Theme Park in Iskandar Malaysia.

Iskandar Investment Bhd chairman Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar said that job opportunities would be available during various phases of the project in the next five years.

Theme parks have a proven track record of attracting a large volume of visitors.

Legoland would be Malaysias first international theme park, he said, adding that tourism was one of nine key economic pillars under Iskandar Malaysias comprehensive development plan.

The Lego Group started humbly in the workshop of a Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen. The word, lego, is an acronym of the Danish words leg and godt meaning play well.

Legoland parks are based on the popular Lego toy construction game.

The first Legoland Park was opened in Billund, Denmark, in 1968 with three more parks in London, California and Germany.

Legoland Parks managing director John Jakobsen said Legoland Malaysia Park would be the only one to operate throughout the year, unlike the others which close for winter.

The RM750mil park, on a 930ha site in Medini Iskandar, will have more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions when it opens in 2013.



As theming experts, many clients ask us what are the best water parks in the world. So finally we have come up with a top 3 list of what we would view as quality parks in terms of quality in the theming, rides and an all out fun adventure.

No.1 - Wild Wadi Water Park

Jumeriah, Dubai

Wild Wadi, next to the Burj Al Arab, is one of the most popular water parks in the Middle East. With a great variety of rides and some of the largest rides to be located out of the US, this is a sure place to visit should you be in Dubai, while your partner is shopping in all the exclusive shopping malls.

Although Wild Wadi has been looking at relocating for many years in order to increase its capacity, it still remains to this day a water park that has size and top class activity.

Top ride: Jumeriah Sceirah -- a 110-foot speed slide which propels riders up to 50 mph (not for the faint hearted or yellow bellied).



This water park is one for the whole family. With the standard water play activities and of course some awesomely spectacular such as the 6-foot waves in the Surf Pool and snorkel Shark Reef-with real sharks!

As like any Disney creation, budget has not been spared on theming. The works are of a high standard and the sheer size of this water play area is mind blowing.

Definitely one for the family, but with Disney, you would not be surprised by what you see.



This 3.8 hectare park set within a tropical theme, also ranks within our top 3. With great rides, location to boot the expansion of activities it is more than just a basic water park. With great respect to the rides and activity, what truly places this water park in the top 5 is the concept and theme. The tropical concept has enabled them to conserve most of the nature that the park was built upon. And of course when an organization looks at things from an ethical stance then our support certainly goes out to them.

Fifteenth edition of Entertainment Expo proves success

Posted: 28-04-2009 , 14:24 GMT

The fifteenth edition of the Dubai Entertainment, Amusement and Leisure (DEAL) show, taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre this week, is proving a hit with exhibitors and visitors from across the globe.

DEAL 2009 is promoting 200 exhibitors from around the world, showcasing the very latest in rides, games and play equipment; water facilities; audiovisual and theatre equipment; and decorations.

"This is a market where we feel the clients have a genuine appreciation for the quality of our work, so we continue to exhibit in this region due to this," said Roy Brattinga

"In our opinion there is still more to achieve in this region. We have only seen the beginning. In terms of theme and water parks, many companies believe that a Disney or Universal will continue to reap rewards. But maybe this area has already saturated and it is time to have a new concept that will not only entertain, but educate people at the same time," Brattinga added.

albawaba_com middle east news informationFifteenth edition of Entertainment Expo proves success.mht

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View the image in the corner to see that Strike Theming & Leisure have created the WORLDS LARGEST SCULPTED SPIDER! This was awarded to jamberoo Action Park, Australia by the GUINNESS RECORDS

APRIL 2015:

STL has just been awarded the slides and theming contract for a project it had designed and consulted on. We wil keep you posted with our Blog and newsletters as we go.


STL was awarded the project for sunway lagoons new park Sunway Lost Lagoon. A key feature in this project is the section that involved Nickelodeon and their most awesome character Spongebob Squarepants! The water park once completed will look awesome, and we certainly look forward to working with Nickelodeon and Sunway.


STL were given the theming package for the Legoland Waterpark in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, the second phase of the international theme park brand.

A project that should take 6 months, STL had to accomplish this in 3 months (design, fabricate and installation, July, August and September 2013). A full on FRP project which required much patience and skill just so that the items actually looked like the Lego and Duplo respectively.

STL carried out all the theming work on this project which includes: Main Entrance, Duplo Safari (arch and animals), Lazy River Arches and Lazy river theming elements, Main Building Canopy’s and the Wave Pool Backdrop.

Of course we certainly wished we had more time, but you don’t always get what you want. If you look further into the website you can see much more imagery of the items we created in order to create the actual Lego look.


The last few months have seen us go from strength to strength. In months prior to october our team of rock work artists were in Kuala Lumpur creating something unique. Once again to keep them on their toes i brought in another top rock work artist from overseas. Frank Vidal from Spain was with us for a matter of weeks and it was great to have him. Again the STL team learned new styles of works, but it was also great to know that Frank also found new things and tricks to take home.

The project works to date looks fantastic and the rock works look true and real. The cracks look look at the images in the projects page.

We still have to go in and finish off the works, but we will have to wait for the main con to complete their works first. So watch this space as we will let you know when we are complete.

JUNE 2012

the projects have started! In this month we start with a rock work project in Penang and then at the end of the month move into KL. We are fortunate to have Chris Ventura working with us for these projects. Chris is one of the best rock work artists you will find and we have brought him over from the states to not only aid in the work but teach us a few tricks of the trade and make us even better.

Sometimes you need to bring in an outside pair of eyes and Chris is the first of a long line of international artists that we call STL friends that will join us now and then.

We want to be the best theming / rock work artists in South East the only way to do that is to learn from the best.

APRIL 2012


It’s not every day that you move office, so in light of this change and the importance of telling you, so that you can find us, we thought we would share this occasion with you. Furthermore you can also see that we do not only talk the talk, but walk it also. We practice what we preach and as you all know take theming as fun as it is very seriously.

With our project undertakings increasing in 2012 we are of course ecstatic to say that our sculpting department is expanding lightly in numbers but heavily in quality and therefore seen no better reason than to show case and this through our own office.

We do harp on about our stages of work and procedures, so this is a prime example of how we work in stages and the images attached clearly show this.......TO VIEW THE IMAGES OF OUR WORK PLEASE VISIT THE PROJECTS PAGE.

October 2011

Strike Theming & Leisure Down Under

Wet N Wild Australia Gold Coast

Overall the park has a top notch selection of water slides and other water attractions for a small water park. For a park small it does have the ability to entertain but the question would be for how long. What we did notice is that many people would leave early after a few hours and do not stay as long as they should for day out. This could certainly be due to the lack of apparent theme and themed elements which does not bring people out of this reality and into an alternate as soon as they have completed the rides, there is nothing really much more to see or do...which is a shame as if people would stay longer then they would increase their revenue for F&B. Personally if they could create a theme for this park would not only be good, but brilliant.

Highlight: Aqualoop

This water slide is as scary as it looks. Once you manage to get to the top it was like watching something from Star Trek and Beam me up Scotty.....or should we say beam me down......or a better visual would be from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Augustus Gloop gets sucked through a chocolate pipe. You are places in a futuristic capsule and as the 3,2,1 countdown bellows out, you are thinking about how to cross your ankles and what the feeling is going to be. The plate you stand on in the capsule gives way and off you go....warp speed through the tube. For the 7-10 seconds it is sheer speed.

This ride does not only look good, but has a good fun factor and a good throughput. Top class ride.

Warner Brothers Movie World Australia Gold Coast

Having worked on the Universal Studios Singapore theme park you come to realise the good work and detail that was taken to ensure the theming as of a good standard so that the theme park looks at realistic as the movies. Unfortunately we were a bit disappointed and has expected more theming to this theme park, due to the great name it has and the movies and characters it has created over the years.

It was great to stand next to heroes and characters we grew up with, but it would have been much better has the park been themed extensively and with the correct materials in places to give a realistic feel.

In terms of activity rides and shows, they certainly have enough for a theme park of that size. There was at the end of the day something for everyone and every age.

Highlight: Characters Show

From what we could see and hear the biggest buzz was the end with the carnival with all the cartoon characters and movie characters. This had the children as well as the more mature women screaming and jumping and trying to get in the photo.

Sea World Australia Gold Coast

We were very surprised and taken by this theme park / water park / adventure park / wild life park....its seriously has something for everyone.

It was great to view the animals in large , themed, maintained enclosures and waters, and with the shows it really was interesting. But there is more......this park had a small water park, rides that would compare to theme park rides and an adventure course that would rival any action adventure centre.

This is what we would call and all in one park.

To make it even better, Sea world pulled out all the stops. They ensured that areas were well themed and used the correct materials to ensure realism in view and touch. We really cant speak highly enough of this total theme park.


Usually we would only select one key factor, but with so much to choose from we have selected three.

Action / Adventure Zone All ages can get stuck on this and if your able to duck, weave climb and crawl you will certainly have fun. And being well themed also aided in the excitement.

Dolphin Show this was just captivating...watching beautiful animals up close that you dont see every day really is a treat.

Rides & Theming total theme park rides available combined with good GFRC sculpting works. This really made for us.

If you ever get to visit the Gold Coast and these three park we would suggest that you leave the Sea world to last.

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